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A BeCuddled intimacy session is for established clients who have interest in holding another person and/or being held. A client who schedules a BeCuddled session may have challenges with intimacy, a fear of physical intimacy, a loss of a partner through death or divorce, or any intimacy challenges in their relationship or marriage.

Learn how to enhance relationships with yourself and others. Learning to communicate intimately, whether in a mental, emotional, or physical realm, helps increase and enhance the intimacy level one shares with others.

Because of the guilt, fear, and shame that society thrusts on sexuality today, we are raised with mixed messages from our parents, our church, and even our own bodies. Our present culture has led many to believe that the simplest of touch can be inappropriate. This can cause shame, confusion, and lack of a positive self-image.

Unfortunately, today's social environment has caused many to simply not seek the touch of others for fear their intentions may be misinterpreted. Because some are not touching others, they are not being touched themselves. Instead, they may become isolated and fearful of touch.

But, touching others is nothing to be ashamed of ... and, in fact, should be celebrated. The energy we receive from being touched enhances our lives. Indeed, the energy should be embraced and subsequently channeled to better accomplish our daily goals.

I offer clients the opportunity to be cuddled and touched in a respectful, loving manner. In these sessions, learn how to touch with respect and honor. Learn how to ask for permission to touch and learn how to ask to be touched.

These sessions are offered privately for individual clients. Please contact me today for rates and additional details!

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